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    Michael Snedeker

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    Action Coach in Boston, MA

    A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Michael Snedeker earned a bachelor of arts in communication. With almost two decades of experience in high level positions in the banking and investment industry, and nearly a decade of experience as a small business owner himself, Michael serves his community of Waltham, Massachusetts and beyond as a business coach through ActionCOACH.

    Michael has thorough experience building teams with businesses that are focused on advancement. He has a passion for helping businesses grow and become profitable so that business owners can enjoy the lifestyle they desire. As part of his coaching plan, he performs a Business Health Check and works with his clients to set clear, achievable goals. Depending on a client’s needs and situation, he offers a number of one-on-one and group coaching programs to help them grow their businesses, engage their teams, and excel in their various fields.

    A member of a multitude of local and national professional associations, Michael enjoys following both college and professional football, motorcycle riding, and fishing in his free time.

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    University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    BA (1995)


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